Writings Archives

Most of these writings were done at satterlee.com before the domain became the professional home for Patricia Satterlee.

1998 - 1999  This is the second manifestation of satterlee.com. Unfortunately, I lost the first design which was pretty cool, with an animated gif ball rolling across the top. I also lost the 1997 version of the Pigeons tournament (see Vermont98) which ended with a rather grisly self-portrait after a long-weekend.

2002 - 2003  I began blogging after we moved to New York.

2002 - 2003  Shortly after I started blogging, I experimented with expanding the blogging pattern to be more than a collection of instant reactions to other sites or news events.

2003 - 2004  Redesign of the CityDesk structure into a more straightforward blog format.

2004 - 2005  I gave up on CityDesk because I wanted a hosted solution, not a desktop application. I chose SimplePHPblog because it used plain text files rather than in a database.

When I switched to the Plainsaw domain, I've wrote a little essay about where I was and where I saw these things going.