This is the personal site of Amos Satterlee and is the place where I post my web projects. Current projects are:


This is a collection of word and image stories that I have done over the past couple of years.


These are some experiments looking at the patterns that result from hypertext linking. Traditional exposition has a linear form, both conceptually and physically. Hypertext breaks the linearity. How does the serving up of snippets of dialogue in an apparently random manner becoming anything more than a dada exercise in surrealistic meaning? This has an impact as written discourse is purposefully segmented using XML/SGML techniques.

NT Study Materials

This comes out of the MCSE class I'm taking. This section includes a detailed, annotated checklist of practice items and a series of information networks that I put together to make sense of the piles of details.

Currently very much a work in progress.


28 June 1999
14 July 1999 revised links