Amos Satterlee


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This experiment looks at the effect of multiple-cell seeds on the generation of a pattern. To do so, I ran 24 patterns based on a "growing" seed of random bits and captured snapshots of the pattens genrated.

Seed Bits

The sequence of bits was pulled from a file download from The breakdown of the seeds is shown below, with each row being the initial seed for a pattern.


Generating Patterns

I captured a 65 x 130 cell area of the pattern generated by each seed. At the 14th step, the length of the seed is 65 cells wide. After the 14th step, it appears there is no change in the seed where in fact the seed is changing beyond the frame of the captured image until it reaches the final width of 129 cells.

To get a better sense of how the multiple-cell seeds affect the display pattern, I used the Wolf-018 ruleset and made four color treatments for the pattern generated by each seed:

I put the first three together on one page and the fourth (unusued) pattern three times on a second page. Click through to see the progression of the generate pattern as the seed changes:

I also animated the patterns a multi-screen page set. Click Menu to see the options. The legend for the menu is: