Amos Satterlee

Grids Notes

Back to the grids...

The grids grew out of an element created for the Square Dance series. They are reminiscent of pen and ink drawings I did in the mid 90s. These are more spatial while those were more about organic organization.

These grids immeidately prompted thoughts of tesseracts (hypercubes).

I have come to doubt that the space beyond three dimensions is experienced dimensionally. Consider two-space and the mobius strip. This wildly three dimensional form is the best manifestation we have of two-space with one edge and one surface of flatness. From this, it makes intuitive sense that the term "dimension" does not apply to two-space any more than it applies to four-space, assuming it exists.

If the four-space does exists, then is our universe an odd object within that realm, similar to the mobius strip within our 3-D realm? Imagine yourself as a being within the two-space of a moobius strip. How would it be?* Are we similar creatures as them, except we are looking from 3-D to four-space and beyond?


* In 1884, Edwin A. Abbot published Flatland, in which he describes the society of plane shapes in a "broad and wide" world. Abbot's is more social commentary than an attempt to examine the experience of a two-space realm. In its broadness and wideness there is an implication of a third dimension. My feeling is a being existing in the two surfaces of the twisting Mobius is something entirely different than the idealized projections of Platonic solids in Flatlands.