Determinism argument

  1. ECA are deterministic
    1. Every run is the same
    2. Category 3 and 4 rules are irreducible
  2. ECA as a model of the universe
    1. The universe is deterministic
    2. In human terms, guided by Fate
  3. ECA and Free Will
    1. The universe is irreducible
    2. The appearance of Free Will
  4. Logical transposition
    1. The universe is random
    2. The appearance of order
  5. Examine a probabilistic models
    1. Pure patterns (2,1) are brittle
    2. Patterns maintain coherency up into the range of 40% probability (08000)
    3. Deterministic
      1. Probability rules predetermined
      2. Outcome randomized
  6. Further considerations of determinism
    1. What level is determined — quark, atom, molecule, etc.?
    2. As determined actions aggregate, does a non-deterministic, non-stochastic behavior emerge?
  7. The foundation of Free Will - agency
    1. Is there an ability to affect an input?
    2. Is there an ability to affect an outcome?
  8. Further considerations of Free Will
    1. At what level/scope does it operate?
    2. Is it bounded within a deterministic environment?
    3. Is there a cost to exercising it?
  9. Wrap up
    1. Is the appearance of Free Will sufficient?
    2. One of those arguments which is probably "unknowable"
    3. We each make our choice — but is that choice predetermined...