Complexity argument

  1. Complex versus simple systems
    1. Complex systems must be created by more complex systems
      1. Seems intuitively correct
      2. Foundation for most of philosophies
      3. The necessity for a Supreme Being
    2. Starting in the 1950s, researches started asking other questions
      1. Von Neumann - self-replicating machines
      2. Led to the idea of simple systems being able to create complexity
      3. Cellular Automaton
        1. Create mathematical randomness
        2. More importantly, create complexity
          1. Mathematically complex
          2. Satisfy the Turing model
  2. Automatons more than games
    1. Model physical interactions
    2. Model social interactions
    3. A standard case: ants
      1. A limited set of rules
      2. All localized interactions
      3. No central control
  3. Implications for our understanding of automaton models
    1. Traditional language of the ant colony
      1. Hierarchical language model
        1. Queen
        2. Workers
        3. Drones
        4. Soldiers
    2. It is easy to deconstruct the aristocratic language
      1. Describes a hierarchy pyramid
      2. Presumes the complexity creates complexity model
    3. The challenge is to reconstruct the language to reflect the simple-rule organization based on the observed roles and functions
      1. Queen
      2. Workers
      3. Drones
      4. Soldiers
  4. This kind of language reconstruction will have a measurable impact on our understanding of philosophy