This is a collection of some old stuff that I did back in 1998.

Old Boxes
These started with two bar graphics that I "borrowed" from some long-forgetten site:




Then I tweaked them using the size attributes in the <img> tag. The point was to look at how arrangements varied as you expanded and contracted the browser window. Not earth-shattering, but I think that this one holds its own.

There's no navigation, so you'll have to use the back button to return.

Old Movement
This is a page layout, again with the intent of playing with the size of the browser window. The grey text box floats over the purple stripe as the browser gets smaller. In one interation, the green ball rolled across the top, but I can't find the animation.

Check the text fading to grey! My-T slick, eh?

Color Grid 1 & Color Grid 2: a couple of studies of 256 color space