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Animated gifs from the ancien regime of the web. Here are some of my favorites: they're straightforward, use the animation well, and just tickle my fancy. The header, above, is the only piece left of the first design of The layout of old stuff gives a sense of what the first layout was like.
I've included any comments embedded in the .gif files

My first a.gif circa 1997:
GIF Construction Set
The rest of these I found.
running man animated gif

Directionless direction.
GifBuilder 0.2 by Yves Piguet

Sisyphus animated gif

We tend to see this as the quintessential exercise in futility.
We forget that this is Sisyphus in Hades being punished for being a cruel tyrant.
GifBuilder 0.1 by Yves Piguet

juggling man animated gif

Check out the shadow on the ground.
GifBuilder 0.3.1 by Yves Piguet

carousel animated gif

Most US carousels go counter-clockwise.
GIF Construction Set

[Image] [Image] Almost got the physics right.
Both: GIF Construction Set
[Image] GifBuilder 0.1 by Yves Piguet
[Image] (no comments)

Grey bar: GifBuilder 0.2 by Yves Piguet
(no comments)
Reduced 32% @
GIF Contruction Set
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