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The Overview

This continues experiments in data collection and data presentation. I hope you enjoy!

Notes are snippets of information, either quotes or original text, which can be combined together into longer articles and documents. Initially they are presented in blog form.

The idea is to develop a framework to manipulate the notes and create the documents. in a transparent manner to both author and reader.

The NotesWriter section focuses on ideas about a digital content framework, thoughts about hypertext and hypermedia and about the cyber and the future.

Much of the resurgence of my interest on this topic has been inspired by the "Irony and Utopia: History of Computer Art"^ seminar run by Beau Sievers in conjunction with the Bruce High Quality Foundation University^.

The three aspects to the NotesWriter project:

1. To be able to quickly and easily collect notes, especially from online sources.

2. To be able to quickly tag and categorize notes to begin to ascribe organization. This necessitates addressing folksonomy and taxonomy.

3. To be able to transparently arrange notes into linear structures. The goal is the linear structure can become fixed, either as a digital or print document, whiles the notes remain atomized. The starting presumption is that the outline is the best tool. Then allow note-like content from other platforms to be incorporated into the linear structure.

The challenge is to allow the author to act while allowing the readers to interact.

The start point for this new iteration of the project is to examine the state of hypertext theory and forms of digital literature to get a sense of how the framework should work and what it should produce.

May 4, 2010
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