MCSE Core Technologies
    Compiled by Amos Satterlee
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MCSE Core Technologies Checklist
This comes out of the MCSE class lead by Joe Orr. Rather than plow through the boring powerpoint slides, Joe has devised a curriculum that covers the required information and also gives a hands-on practicum. The idea is to start the checklist each class, cover the ground from the previous class, and then push on to new procedures. Practice, practice, practice.
Page 1Set Up: The basic steps to set up a small network, particularly for practicing course materials
Page 2Configuration: Tweaking the desktop and user interface to expedite administrative tasks

In addition to Joe's checklist, above, I found it helpful to organize the details into major areas of study. For the NT Workstation Exam, I formed three networks of detail:
  • Architecture -- the bulk of this area is the Security module, including how to set up Policies, Profiles, etc;
  • Installation -- includes the Registry structure; and
  • Monitoring -- sort of a catchall for the rest
NT Architecture
DiagramGraphic diagram of the NT architecture showing the components of User Mode and Kernel Mode
Win 16How the Windows-on-Windows module works with the Virtual DOS Machines and Win 32
VMMMore detail on demand paging and the Virtual Memory Manager



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14 July 1999: Initial post